the way to the real adam's recipe

towards the end of the last holiday~ adam brings alot of ingredients from home to his rented house that near his university. One of them is a pack of laksa paste.

maybe you will think it is just too easy to make a laksa if the ready made laksa paste is available. yes! it is easy but with a little modification and effort. it taste great.

ingredients: 3 servings

  • prawn
  • hard boiled eggs X 3
  • dried chilies
  • noodles
  • soya milk/milk/coconut milk
  • onion
  • vege
  • chicken

here we go

  1. boil about 800ml of water with prawn skin and onion.
  2. you can simmer it until even 2 hours
  3. fry the laksa paste with dried chilies until its fragrance is released.
  4. pour the laksa paste into the soup
  5. add in milk….. adam choose soya milk because i was forgotten i did not prepare any coconut milk.
  6. cook the noodles until soft and cook the vegetable as well.
  7. now. prepare a bowl. put in noodles and other ingredients such as egg, raw onion, vege… etc
  8. add in the cooked soup…
  9. the laksa is done!

i found that use soya milk to substitute coconut milk does not affect the taste much~ you may apply this recipe to other kind of paste, such as tomyam, curry and so on to make more variations.

开学会到大学,从家里带来了不少材料。其中我带了一包便装 啦沙 即食料。



  • 啦沙料
  • 辣椒干
  • 椰浆/牛奶/豆奶
  • 水煮蛋
  • 洋葱
  • 青菜


  1. 煮开800ML 水,加入虾壳,虾子,和洋葱煮,煮上2小时都没问题。
  2. 用锅子炒香啦沙料和辣椒干。
  3. 加入汤里,加入椰浆/奶/豆奶。
  4. 煮熟面和青菜。
  5. 准备一个碗,摆入面,青菜,鸡蛋等等材料。
  6. 淋上煮好的啦沙汤。
  7. 好了!

我选了豆奶取代椰浆因为当时根本忘了我没有准备椰浆或牛奶~ 哈哈~ 味道还是很好的~ 试试看吧~



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