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cereal prawn

Still remember adam’s cereal toufu? adam gets the idea from cereal prawn~ and modify it becomes toufu dishes~ now we come back to the typical cereal prawn~ the method is similar and still very easy.



  • prawn~ i think any prawn will do~ as long as do not over budget
  • cereal
  • butter
  • curry leaf,chili padi, spring onion, garlic


here we go~

  1. marinate the prawn with some salt
  2. fry them over strong fire until golden  colour
  3. heat a pan with butter
  4. add in curry leaf, chili padi, spring onion and garlic
  5. saute them until the fragrance is released.
  6. add in cereal and sugar as well as some salt
  7. mix them well until the cereal is dry and crispy.
  8. add the prawn back and mix them.
  9. Done.

of course the type of prawn do affect the taste~ but i think it is okay to choose accordingly because the prawn is not very cheap~ haha

还记得我的《麦片豆腐》? 麦片豆腐原来是麦片虾的食谱。今天我们就来看看麦片虾的做法吧~ 基本上,麦片虾与麦片豆腐做法几乎一样~就是把虾换成豆腐,豆腐换成虾~ 哈哈


  • 虾~ 任何虾都好~
  • 麦片
  • 牛油
  • 咖喱叶,蒜头,辣椒,葱


  1. 用一点盐腌好虾子。
  2. 炸到金黄就好。
  3. 热锅,加入牛油。
  4. 加咖喱叶,蒜头,辣椒,葱爆香。
  5. 加入麦片,同时用盐糖调味。
  6. 翻炒至麦片香脆。
  7. 加入虾子,再翻炒~
  8. 完成!

做法太简单了! 虾子的种类的确对味道有影响~但是以经济的角度出发~ 虾子小点也无所谓吧~好吃就好! 哈哈~ 做做看吧~



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