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Brinjal Double Taste 2

yesterday i had introduce you about the brinjal double taste 1/2 which is spiced salt brinjal~ now we proceed to the next flavor~ Miso brinjal~

this miso brinjal  is a dishes that under the category of homemade dishes because the original recipe stated it is came from japan and this miso brinjal is typical japanese homemade dishes. of course~ there are several ways to make it~ here is 1 of the ways..


  • brinjal
  • miso
  • garlic ( optional)
  • sugar

here we go~

  1. cut the brinjal into strips ~ * to differentiate the different taste with the spiced salt brinjal
  2. do not need to marinate them~ just deep fry them with oil until golden colour.
  3. heat a pan with little oil~
  4. add in garlic and miso
  5. add in water~
  6. make the gravy thick~
  7. add a little bit of sugar
  8. add the brinjal back to the pan~ mis them well
  9. done

miso is now available in most market with bottled packing~ miso is good for health especially the organic one~ miso also rich in good bacteria and vitamins, so that it is suggested do not overcook~ therefore, bear in mind~ use only slow fire to cook the miso and do not take too much time to boil them~ lets try~ combine the double taste in a plate and serve ~ i m sure your friends gonna impressed by your cooking skill once again~!


昨天介绍了双味茄子~ 其中之一的椒盐口味~ 今天把它完成吧~那就是味增茄子。

味增茄子听说是日本的家常菜~ 有不同的做法哦~让我为你们介绍其中一种简单又容易的。


  • 茄子 ~ 切成条状,以便不同于椒盐口味的,摆盘也好看些~~
  • 味增
  • 蒜头(选择性)


  1. 无需腌制,把茄子炸到金黄就好
  2. 热锅,少量油~
  3. 加入味增和蒜头
  4. 加水和糖
  5. 加入炸好的茄子
  6. 稍微翻炒,略微滚一下~
  7. 可以上菜了

味增对人体很好,尤其是有机的味增。现在市场上很容易买得到罐装的味增。可是记得了, 味增有丰富的维他命和营养,不能煮太久。做这道菜是 尽量中火快速翻炒就好了。

做好了 《双味茄子》 可以摆盘上才了!哈哈



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