the way to the real adam's recipe

adam’s spiced chicken

fried chicken is also a common food and very well-accepted by most people~ we have many fast food shops nowadays where we can get the fried chicken easily… i think most of you know how to make fried chicken~ now we make some modification again~ it become adam’s spiced chicken~


  • chicken fillets
  • pepper
  • chili powder
  • soy sauce
  • starch/ flour

here we go~

  1. Cut and marinate the chicken fillets
  2. marinate with pepper and soy sauce
  3. add in starch or flour
  4. let it stand for 20-30 mins
  5. fry them over strong fire until golden brown.
  6. now heat pan without oil
  7. add in chili powder and the heat will make the chilies powder become so fragrance.
  8. add in fried chicken in step 5 to mix with the chilies powder.
  9. done


can use some addition sugar and pepper or italian seasoning powder as the complement to the spiced taste!

this is easy and nice recipe~ give it a try and you will know the different!


炸鸡是很普通的食物对吧? 我们常常吃炸鸡~快餐店到处都是~ 这回我给你们做点变化让炸鸡更好吃! 《干香炸鸡》


  • 鸡柳肉
  • 辣椒粉
  • 胡椒粉
  • 酱清
  • 薯粉/面粉


  1. 把鸡肉切块
  2. 加入胡椒粉和酱清作腌料
  3. 加入薯粉/面粉
  4. 腌制20分钟左右
  5. 放入油锅炸到金黄色
  6. 烧开锅,不要加油,放入辣椒粉爆香
  7. 放入炸鸡快速翻炒。
  8. 完成




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