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Need a bilingual recipe blog?


recently i received comment from my friends about my adam’s recipe blog~ it is suggested to be available in chinese version.

hmmm… at my very first creating this blog, i wanted to make it in english and chinese version one but then typing in english is faster and easier than typing in chinese… right? ( just like adam’s recipe dishes, fast and easy). Thanks for the suggestion~ i will try to make future post with chinese version available~ and i will try to update previous recipe with chinese version. thanks for viewing adam’s recipe.



其实,在我一开始写部落格的时候我就想以双语方式呈现的。 只不过,打字时,英语比较容易打而且快一些。。。不是吗?谢谢你们的意见,我会尽量在这之后的食谱中加入华文。 当然,之前的食谱我也尽量加上华文版! 谢谢游览 adam’s recipe


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