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Brinjal Double Taste~

How about the cola chicken in the previous post? what you think about it and can you share with me? hehe ~ adam had prepared 4 dishes on a gathering among seniors~ i was just being requested to help out to prepare the dinner ~ and then several idea cross over my mind and something different was created~ haha this is one if them~ brinjal double taste~ double taste mean cook them in 2 different ways and in this post i gonna show you one of it~ spiced salt brinjal.


  • salt
  • pepper
  • brinjal
  • sugar

here we go~

  1. cut the brinjal to a round and flat shape
  2. marinate with salt and pepper ~ leave for about 10 to 20 mins until the moisture of the brinjal is released.
  3. then fry them with oil until brown or golden brown color.
  4. done~


if the taste is not good enough~ you may heat a dry pan without any oil. put the fried brinjal into the pan~ add some sugar and pepper again~ mix them well in very fast action with a strong fire..

this brinjal taste good and if you don’t like brinjal much~ adam recommend you to give it a try~ you may change your perceptions!

大家尝试了 可乐鸡 没有? 味道还好吧? 这个贴我来给大家介绍《双味茄子》 双味就是一物两吃咯~ 哈哈~ 一种材料2种做法~ 同时呈现~效果不错吧? 我来介绍其中的一道~ 椒盐茄子


  • 茄子
  • 胡椒


  1. 用盐和胡椒腌制茄子  * 茄子记得切成薄片
  2. 腌10 至20分钟 让水分排出来。
  3. 放进油锅炸到金黄褐色。
  4. 这样就好了!!!

如果味道不够好~ 这里有个办法~ 热锅~不要油~放进炸好的茄子~ 加入少许盐~胡椒~ 在大力快速翻炒一下~ 就好了~ 简单又好味~ 哈哈哈


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