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adam’s cola chicken

Do you impressed by adam’s creative cuisine dishes? how about the pumpkin spaghetti? haha~ this time~ i gonna introduce you how to make adam’s cola chicken~

wow~ cola chicken? what is that? basically it is a combination of coca-cola and chicken! some of you may tried this before~ and some may not even heard of it? what a crazy thing to combine coca cola and chicken?

this is adam’s first time to make cola chicken~ adam’s have made some modification and it is deviated abit from the typical way of making cola chiken~ how to do? lets see….


  • cola-cola original flavor
  • chicken~ wings and keel part (chicken fillet) is better~ adam chosen chicken keel
  • pepper
  • soya sauce
  • starch or flour
  • dried chilies, ginger, garlic and spring onion

here we go~

  1. wash and cut the chicken accordingly~
  2. to marinate the chicken~ spread pepper and soy sauce on it~ mix them well.
  3. add in coca-cola * not too much~ just enough to let the cola coat a thin layer on the chicken and give them moisture.
  4. now add in starch or flour mix again~ make sure it coat the chicken will do
  5. let it stand in fridge for at least 30mins and after that it is ready to be fried.
  6. now~ heat the oil to fry the chicken~
  7. fry the chicken until golden brown color. take out for stand by.
  8. now, heat a pan with a little oil.
  9. add in ginger, garlic, spring onion, and dried chilies to saute until the flavor is released.
  10. add in coca-cola~ depends on the amount of the chicken~ about half of the chicken
  11. add in soy sauce and a little sugar to neutralize the taste. a little of thick soy sauce can be used to make color nicer!
  12. now add in the fried chicken meat and them boil until the water is evaporated and the gravy is becoming thickening.
  13. once the gravy is thicken~ it is done and ready to serve~

the end results will not have strong flavor of coca-cola~it is just like chinese ” gong bao” chicken style but i believe the unique flavor of cola after heating is attractive enough~ i will try to make on a typical cola cooked chicken next time~ can you try this recipe and let me know how you feel about that? hehe

大家觉得之前的adam创意菜如何呢?比如那个“金瓜意大利面”? 今天,我要与你们分享我的“adam’s cola chicken” 可乐鸡。



  • 鸡肉 *鸡翅或则鸡柳肉~ 我选了鸡柳肉
  • 原味可乐
  • 胡椒粉
  • 酱清
  • 葱,姜,蒜,辣椒干
  • 面粉/薯粉


  1. 处理好鸡肉。
  2. 加入胡椒粉,酱清做淹料
  3. 加入适量的可乐。不要太多哦~ 让肉有点水分 就好
  4. 加入面粉/薯粉,让调料沾上鸡肉
  5. 放入冰箱待用~腌制30分钟
  6. 热油,炸鸡至金黄色
  7. 酱料做法呢,热锅,加少量油。
  8. 加入葱,姜,蒜,辣椒干爆香
  9. 加入可乐,差不多鸡肉的一半量
  10. 酱清,糖调味。可以加一些酱油调色。
  11. 倒入炸好的鸡,煮到汤汁收干
  12. 可乐鸡就这样好了!~

成品不会有很重的可乐味道,然而有点像宫保鸡~ 哈哈! 可是可乐经过煮的过程所产生的独特口味是酱油,酱清做不到的哦~? 试试看这个食谱吧~ 然后记得和我分享你的感想~ 哈哈




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