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adam’s pumpkin fried rice

wow wow~ pumpkin fried rice? sound great? i m sure you tried pineapple fried rice, nasi goreng kampung, tomyam fried rice and chinese style ” yang zhou fried rice” , “pai gu wang fried rice” where fried rice serve with sweet sour sauced pork.  fried rice is so versatile~ the combination of rice and other kind of ingredients make a lots of changes! adam just brought a very big pumpkin and that is why ~ alot of pumpkin related recipe is coming out~!

lets see how to make a pumpkin fried rice

ingredients: 2 serving

  • pumpkin ~ 1 inch thickness
  • cooked rice 2 bowl
  • carrot
  • onion
  • kunyit, turmeric powder 1/4 teaspoon
  • pepper

here we go~

  1. heat a pan with some oil
  2. put into garlic if you wan~ if no~ add the cut pumpkin and carrrot
  3. fry them until the pumpkin is soft~ this may take a little time~ be patient~ remember to cut them into cube
  4. add in rice~ mix them well
  5. now is seasoning~ add in salt and kunyit powder…
  6. add in pepper
  7. keep mixing and frying with medium fire until the rice is separated into grains and mix well with other ingredient ( turns yellowish)
  8. Serve it on plate with some cut raw onion on top.

another easy and simple creative cuisine~ haha

adam serve this rice together with pan frying chicken chop~ the combination is great! pan frying chicken chop is easily done and the rice also~ this takes you just a little time to enjoy a homecook flavor dish when you are away from home~ ! enjoy



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