the way to the real adam's recipe

pumpkin chicken~

Sometimes it is just too lazy to have a dinner outside~ it is even worse when you are alone~ so? what to do? for adam, he will look up in the fridge and simply make a combination of those ingredients available~ this time~ adam saw pumpkin and chicken in the fridge~ what he is going to do with them? lets see..

ingredients: for 1 serving

  • chicken meat, 2-3 pieces /1 drumstick
  • pumpkin about 1 inch in thickness
  • carrot
  • pepper
  • soysauce

here we go~

  1. slide the pumpkin into thin layer.
  2. put them in a bowl or plate as the basement
  3. put the meat on the pumpkin
  4. add some carrot on top.
  5. add in pepper and soy sauce~ about 2 teaspoon or 3.
  6. steam in a steamer for 15 mins
  7. done!

tips : you can add some garlic also if you wan!

this looks really simple and adam can ensure you that the unique flavor of combining pumpkin, soy sauce and pepper is so amazing~

pumpkin is put below the chicken because this allow the oil of the chicken to mix with pumpkin evenly~ their taste are going to complement to each other perfectly!

don’t believe? just give it a try! enjoy


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