the way to the real adam's recipe

thousand-islands sauce

Have you tried some of the recipe in “adam with chops”? if you find the chops are just too dry, just serve it together with some sauce will do!

what kind of sauce you usually choose? chilies sauce? tomato sauce? mayonnaise? let have some combination!


  • mayonnaise
  • chilies sauce / tomato sauces

here we go~

  1. mix mayonnaise and chilies sauce or tomato sauce or both in a bowl.
  2. done!

omg~ this just too easy~ haha

tips: the ratio of mayonnaise to chilies sauce/ tomato sauce is 1:1 ratio… if you wish to have both tomato sauce and chilies sauce~ just reduce the both of this sauces~ the ratio will be 1:0.5:0.5…

i gonna show you how to make a simple thai sweet sour sauce in the coming post!


Comments on: "thousand-islands sauce" (2)

  1. what do u think if add some lemon juice?

    • if you wish to have some lemon juice on it~ try to serve it once you have made it~ otherwise i think the lemon causing the separation of the mayonnaise emulsion~ you may see oil floating~~

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