the way to the real adam's recipe

thai sweet and sour sauce


There are several kinds of chilies sauce available in the market~ the common one, garlic added one~ and of course ~ thai sweet sour chilies sauce~ adam is going to make some modification on the sauce  to make this thai sauce taste even greater than in the bottle one~ i found this sauce is best to serve together with pan-frying chicken chop! also, you can serve it together with toufu or other kinds of combination as you wish~


  • ready made thai sauce~ several brand to choose. adam chooses maggie brand
  • chili padi
  • lemon
  • onion
  • sugar

here we go~

  1. cut onion and chili padi into suitable size~ about half of the  bottle of sauces with 1 onion. and 2 chili padi~ you may adjust accordingly.
  2. heat a pan with some water…. add into the sauce~ basic ratio is 1:1
  3. mix them well … wait the liquid to boil.
  4. add in onion and chilies.
  5. add sugar~ about 1 tablespoon
  6. before serving~ squeeze  the juices from a lemon into the sauce~
  7. done!


hehe~ this is another simple and easy making sauce~ believe in me~ with your little effort~ your friends gonna be impressed a lots by your cooking skill!! haha ENJOY!


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