the way to the real adam's recipe

adam’s nasi kunyit

nasi kunyit serve with pork chop

hello~ how you think about this rice? haha~ looks great? the colour is because of the addition of the kunyit~ turmeric powder….

adam have the very first try to make this rice and serve together with the pork chop~ the responses from my friends are not bad.

they said this rice taste like chicken rice~but~ there is no chicken at all~ haha.. it is easy and can be easier! how to say? lets see


  • rice
  • turmeric powder * 4 cups of rice only with half teaspoon of powder
  • ginger about 100g
  • garlic * about  2 whole garlic with 4 cups of  rice
  • butter

here we go~

  1. cut ginger and garlic into suitable size~
  2. heat a wok with butter~ about 70g.
  3. add into ginger and garlic to fry until the fragrance is released.
  4. now, add in turmeric powder and the raw rice.
  5. mix them well.
  6. transfer to a rice cooker~ add proper amount of salt.
  7. add water..
  8. turn on your rice cooker.
  9. wait for it to cook… done..


you can put the ginger and garlic as a whole in to the wok to fry if you do not wish to have a too strong flavor…

you can skip step4… where you just take the fried garlic and ginger and mix with the rice after you add water in the rice cooker… this make thing easier… but of course fry the raw rice in the wok for a while make the fragrance better!

isn’t it easy? just don’t forget to add salt! haha otherwise the rice turn bland taste and won’t be attracting anymore..

before transfer into rice cooker~ the raw rice looks attractive enough


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