the way to the real adam's recipe

hi~ remember the dumpling recipe i shared earlier? now, make some modification and it will taste different!

you tried “guotie” 锅贴 before? lets imitate the way to do it~ it is basically a fried dumpling without using oil.


actually i think you can buy the frozen- ready-made dumpling from the market, i think it will gives same results~

here we go~

this recipe mainly depends on the way you cook~ pleas use non-stick pan

  1. heat a pan, with or without oil~ if you put oil~ just a little will do
  2. place the dumpling on the pan nicely~ arrange them into “standing position”
  3. fried them over slow fire until the side which contact with the pan turn brown.
  4. add water that will cover half of the dumpling body.
  5. close with a lid
  6. let the water boil and evaporate.
  7. once the water is dried. the dumpling is cooked..
  8. done

this is adam handmade~!!

place the dumpling on the pan like this~ remember to be fast

after that~ add some water and boil


Do not move the dumpling once you have placed them into the pan. Fried only the lower part of the dumpling.

if you find them stick together~ it is just okay~ just serve them in a plate, you may separate them with chopstick later. or you can just add some sesame oil when it is boil with water at step 6.

this fried dumpling should give you both smooth and crispy taste! hard to imagine it? lets try and you will know it! haha



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