the way to the real adam's recipe


Dumplings are chinese traditional food.They are quite easy available and cheap. Usually we eat dumpling when reunion dinner right? Do you miss the dumpling made by your mom when you are away from home?

I suggest you try to make some by yourself and you can prepare some for your mom when you are back home! in this post, i gonna show you how adam makes his own recipe dumpling~


  • minced meat
  • carrot
  • spring onion
  • soy sauce
  • cornstarch
  • water chestnut
  • pepper
  • dumpling skin

here we go~

  1. cut carrot, spring onion, water chest nut into fine pieces.
  2. mix them with the minced meat
  3. add soy sauce and pepper as seasoning~ * 400g of meat about 2 to 3 tablespoon of soy sauce
  4. mix with some cornstarch
  5. wrap the mix into dumpling skin
  6. steam or boil them


water chest nut is optional~ it gives a more crunchy mouthfeel~

you can use some prawn as a part of the ingredient

if you not going to cook the dumpling after you wrapped them~ please keep in a fridge.

try to be more economic? add some toufu to substitute the meat! haha, about 1/3 of meat…

adam suggest you to steam the dumpling instead of boil them~ boiling one is more difficult to handle~ steam them over strong fire about 10mins of less depending on different condition… add some sesame oil on top before serving~

to make the skin attach firmly? use cornstarch with water

Do you notice the different between this dumpling and the 1st picture one?

this is a vege one~ you can use cabbage instead of minced meat if you wish to have a vegan dumpling! the steps are just the same~

modification makes perfect~! haha~ this dumpling can have more diversification ~ lets see in coming post~ enjoy


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