the way to the real adam's recipe

Do you like Indian food?  if you like indian food, i m sure you recognize what is the vada, we usually called it wadeh~

i don’t really like indian food so much but until someone recommend me to try on this wadeh~ i feel the taste is great!

in my campus, there is a cafe selling various kinds of kueh including vada. i always rush to the cafe to buy some vada to fill up my empty stomach between the class time~ bring this easy food into the class and enjoy while listening to the lecture! haha ~

one day, my friend and me were sitting next to each other, we both eating the vada while the lecturer was talking in front~ ( omg, this sound rude). we were just too enjoy about the taste and suddenly she suggest to me ” why don’t you make this by your own since you like the taste so much? ” hahaha… by the way~ she is the one who recommend vada to me and she is an indian food lover..

okay~ good idea~ adam is going to make some vada by his own on the next day.

making the vada is simple but you may need some skill to mould them into shape~

ingredients: * this is what adam did, you may find several different recipe online*

  • dahl bean ( 2 cup of raw bean can make about 20 pieces of vada)
  • pepper
  • chili ( dried or chili padi according to your wish)
  • onion
  • cumin ( jintai manis), just 2 teaspoon~ do not over
  • salt


here we go~

  1. soak the dahl about 2 hours and steam them over strong fire for 20 to 30 mins~  based on the amount~ you may need a longer time to steam them until soft
  2. blend them in a blender into fine particle~ *well, adam don’t have a blender at  that time, i was using my hand with a spoon to crush them into smaller pieces*
  3. add into cut chilies, onion, pepper, cumin and salt
  4. mix them very well
  5. use your hand to compress them into flat round shape~
  6. fry them in a pan with oil until the colour turn brown and gold.
  7. DONE

haha~ sound easy huh?


you find it is difficult to make the mix into shape by your hands, i add about 10% of flour mix with water into the mixing so they can stick together firmer. actually i not sure about the correct manners~ typically people wont add in flour~ but i find that adding some flour wont affect the taste much~

after frying the dalh ~ the taste will be similar to nugget! do you believe? a vegan nugget! this is even taste nicer than the nugget sold in fast food shop!


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