the way to the real adam's recipe

adam’s sambal

I think most of you like spicy food~ asian likes spicy food all the way~ you request for more sambal when you eat nasi lemak, mee goreng and etc. Many tradition food are hot and spicy flavor~ laksa, curry mee, rendang, curry and others..  adam likes spicy food but he will eat the spicy food with dropping tears!

my friends like to eat hot stuff. so i made some sambal for them! Maybe you think to make a sambal is so tedious~ need to prepare so many of ingredients~ wash and cut and fry over long time~ waaaa~ it is so troublesome! but actually there are bottled and packed sambal available in the market… now we make some modification and the taste will be great!


  • sambal paste from market
  • ikan bilis
  • onion
  • sugar

here we go~

  1. fry the ikan bilis with oil in the pan until crispy. take them out and put aside.
  2. add into onion and sambal.
  3. you can choose to add some water to adjust the viscosity.
  4. now, add some sugar…  do not over!
  5. put back the fried ikan bilis and mix them well.
  6. DONE!

isn’t so easy! i m sure you and your friend will like it and would not even believe that is make by your own! haha

enjoy~ lets try. it takes you less than 10 mins to prepare!


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