the way to the real adam's recipe

Beet root soup

hmmm…. i wonder what do you think about this soup by the very 1st look? do you think the colour is funny? do you wish to have a try? do you  even think it is disgusting?

well…. take it easy~ this soup is very good for your health~ this is beet root soup~

beet root is a very good vege, the color of the beet is due to the present of anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a purple colour pigment, it is natural. similar to the common green pigment chlorophyll and beta carotene that gives orange color~  anthocyanin is presents in grape and also purple dragon fruits as well! this is a good source of antioxidant! this beetroot soup is said to be good in preventing high blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. Most people think this soup helps our body to detox also!

okay~ just try prepare some and have a try~ i believe you goona love it ! Again, this goona be a very very simple dish.

ingredients: * for about 10 serving

  • beetroot~ about 350g to 500g
  • 1 sweetcorn, jagung
  • 1 big white onion
  • carrot
  • some chicken meat/bone or ribs of pork~ ( this is very opinion, adding some meat or bone to boil make the soup taste more savory, but if you think it makes it oily~ it is just okay. make it vegan! )

this is how the beetroot looks like

here we go~  * this time adam put some chicken bone that was removed from the chicken drumstick~ i prepare this soup and also chicken chop at the same time ~so i decide to use the remaining bone to make this beetroot soup~

  1. boil the chicken bone in the pot before adding any other ingredients.
  2. cut the beet root, carrot and corn into suitable size.
  3. do not cute the onion~ just put it into the soup as whole~ because while the onion becoming soft~ it make the soup cloudy~ onion is just too fragile.
  4. add in all the ingredient together…
  5. boil it over slow fire for at least 40 mins
  6. add in salt as seasoning~ well~ this is also optional~ the natural sweetness of the beet makes the soup nice enough
  7. DONE

Tips~ you can judge whether to soup is done or not buy looking at the onion~ usually the few outer most layers of the onion will be detached when the soup is done.

do you impressed by the simple and easy making steps?  it is just simply cut and dump~ dump into the pot to boil of course… haha

just try it~ you will enjoy it~


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