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adam’s Cereal Toufu

I think most of you tried the “cereal prawn” before, right? this dish is available in almost every chinese restaurant, isn’t? the taste is nice and the look is so  attractive~ eye appealing right?

adam likes it too….this time i try to make it with my own but i cant get fresh prawn~ so~ something cross over my mind~ use toufu! yea~ you wonder the taste? lets see~


  • smooth toufu
  • instant cereal
  • spring onion
  • chili padi ( optional)
  • butter

here we go~

    1. cut the toufu into proper size
    2. fry them over strong fire until it become golden color.
    3. now heat a pan with about 2 tablespoon of butter.
    4. add into spring onion and chili padi.
    5. add into about half bowl of cereal.
    6. mix them well
    7. seasoning with salt and sugar…
    8. when the cereal turn into a darker colour. then you can add the fried toufu back into the pan.
    9. mix them well again…
    10. DONE!!

    Tips: before the toufu is fry… you can mix the toufu with some salt…

    if you wan additional fragrance~ use curry leaf also!

    this dish is so simple and just taste as nice as the cereal prawn!

    haha~ just try.. enjoy…


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