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Pumpkin spaghetti~

it is seem to be less people click on my blog today… oh my~~ but is is ok~ i believe it will be better on tomorrow~

in this post, i goona introduce you some creative idea of adam ( maybe you will think it is nonsence) ~ the pumpkin spaghetti~ can you imagine the combination?

well, let me show you. By the way~ pumpkin is quite cheap and nutritive! pumpkin is a good food. pumpkin is full of nutrients, fiber, vitamin and mineral~ it has antioxidant properties and good in preventing prostate gland cancer among male! you can simply buy from market the pumpkin seed which is raw and ready-to-eat one~ just have a pinch of them as your breakfast add on will help a lots.

okay~ we shall look at the health benefit of pumpkin in future post~ now we look at the ingredient and the way of making pumpkin spaghetti~

ingredients: * for a standard pack of 400-500g spaghetti

  • 500g pumpkin
  • cabbage, carrot (optional)
  • onion
  • anchovy and some chili powder as topping ( optional)
  • spaghetti or pasta

here we go~

  1. skin and wash the pumpkin. cut the into small cute
  2. steam for about at least 15 mins to 25 mins
  3. crush them into paste-like with a fork. Maybe you can use a blender if you have one.
  4. cook the spaghetti~ read the instruction on the packaging you will know how to cook it well..
  5. while cooking the spaghetti, we prepare the pumpkin sauce.
  6. heat the pan with some oil.
  7. put in onion. if you wish to have more veges, you can choose to add in cabbage and carrot.
  8. stir fry them until the fragrance is released.
  9. now add the prepared pumpkin paste in step 3 into the pan.
  10. add some water to adjust the viscosity of the sauce accordingly ~ thicker sauce with lesser water and vice verse.
  11. add salt and sugar as seasoning~
  12. by the time your spaghetti should be done~
  13. place the spaghetti on a plate~
  14. just pour the pumpkin sauce on top of the spaghetti and it is ready to SERVE!
  15. if you wish to have some anchovy or chilies powder to enhance the taste and mouthful… go ahead~

pumpkin paste

tips :

to cook the spaghetti~ it is important to add some salt into the boiling water before the raw spaghetti is in..

if you wish to add some anchovy, fry them until crispy so that the taste is better with better mouthfeel~ for chilies powder~ u can heat them on a pan without any oil ~ the fragrance of the chilies will be just attractive if you are chilies-lover!!

pumpkin sauce is done!

How you think about this recipe? just give it a try! normally we will purchase the bottled sauce~ they are really easy and comes with various kind of choices~ but what i am doing now is out of the bottle sauce~ i think you cant find a pumpkin flavor one in the market.

this pumpkin sauce is suite for most people~ i believe your mom goona have a new perception on spaghetti if she doesn’t like the casual spaghetti sauce in the market~ those bottled sauce are full of the  flavor of spices and herbs which most tradition chinese elderly wont like much~

lets try it and kindly give me your opinion! thanks~ enjoy!

after mixed~ lets eat! haha


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  2. […] the paste have to make it thick by use more tomato, maybe you can use 2 tomato per serving and the water is about 1 cup. onion can be flexible as some of the people may not like it much. To make it tastier, squeeze some lime juice on it before serve! again, do not hesitate and go try now! please share with me your experience ~ for another kind of creative spaghetti recipe click pumpkin spaghetti […]

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