the way to the real adam's recipe

pan-frying pork chop

Do you tried to make your own pork chop as following the earlier recipe? Is it taste nice?

But i believe that you find that to deep fry a chop with that amount of oil is troublesome huh? make your place oily and you feel hot ya? hahaha….. ( if you are girl~ i am sure you don’t like the oily cooking way~ but you do enjoy the food huh?) come on~~ cooking is easy but not as easy as you think~ enjoy it will make fun! let’s adam’s recipe explore you more on easy-make-recipe~!! yea~~

Don’t like the frying food? so, adam had come out with another way of “chopping” that is much  easier and healthier! that is called ” adam’s pork chop version2″ haha~


  • pork tenderloin
  • soy sauce
  • pepper
  • curry powder + chilies powder as addition if you like
  • cornstarch

here we go~ i debt you wont believe it is so easy

  1. start the seasoning~ follow exactly the steps as prepare the deep-frying pork chop marinate
  2. take your chops out of fridge when you are ready
  3. pre-heat a NON STICK PAN ~ you can choose to fry with oil or without oil
  4. spread only a little of cornstarch on the pork evenly
  5. put the chop on the pan~
  6. fry each side for about 2mins
  7. DONE~

pork chop marinate

please always use a non stick pan, otherwise it end up disastrous~ unless you have excellent skill to handle~ adam haven’t master the skill!

you will find this chop wont be crispy, but the taste is almost the same~ and without deep frying and coating with flour, bread crumb~ you consume less calories! isn’t it a good news?

lets try~ i take less than 10 mins to prepare this chop~ enjoy!


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