the way to the real adam's recipe

pan frying chicken chop

so many ready-to serve chicken chop stacking together

this time adam is facing a great challenge~ i have to prepare a dinner for 13 people!

so i decided to prepare few dishes and 1 of them i decide to make chicken chop~

in order to make it simple ~ i decide to make a pan-frying chicken chop~!

the method of making chicken chop with pan-frying is just the same as what we did for pork chop~ that is really too easy~ a same recipe with only little modification, we can so many different outcome~ how about yours? what modification makes your own recipe?

because this time adam have to prepare more chicken drumstick, so i prepare to marinate the chicken earlier…

again, curry powder~ soy sauce~ pepper~

ok~ now keep in fridge and wait for the time to cook them~!

after the chicken marinate is done~ you can ready to fry them

coat some cornstarch on the meat so that it appear nicer, at the same time, the cornstarch gives a little crispness to the chops

based on your chops size~ 1 chop can be fried from 5 to 7 mins~












how you feel about this? just try it with your friends~ haha ~ enjoy!


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