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adam’s pancake


This pancake recipe is just too easy and i believe most of you have that in your sweet home once a while~

but… what if you start to home missing with the pancake? lets make it yourself

this pancake is called ” mihun kuih” as we all know~ not really the western pancake~ haha

homemade pancake is versatile! eat it plain~ make it sweet~ make it salty~ and even fill it with filling that you like~

ingredients for pancake

  • flour
  • water
  • salt
  • sugar
  • egg

here we go~

  1. mix the flour with egg
  2. add water slowly and mix it well~ prevent lumping
  3. a better way~ u can sieve the mixing after u mixed~ well~ you can skip this step~ i do skip~ haha
  4. basically the ratio of flour to water is 1;2 … the principle is make the mixing a thick watery liquid
  5. add salt and sugar accordingly~ this is a critical point where your pancake taste like~ a sweet one or salty one
  6. how to fry it?  pre heat a non stick pan! please use non stick pan
  7. drop only 1 drop ( as less as possible) of oil into the pan~ use a tissue~ to wipe/spread the oil on the surface of the pan~
  8. pour the mixing into the pan~ try your very best to swirl or to shake or whatever movement you can do it ~ to spread the mixing evenly on the pan surface.
  9. heat about 2 min~ and turn it over~ another 1 to 2 mins
  10. DONE!

now, you can choose to eat it plain~ or with other kind of food as you like~

here i choose to make a tuna filling~


  • canned tuna spread
  • cabbage
  • carrot
  • onion

here we go~

  1. cut the veges into small cubes
  2. heat the pan with little oil
  3. fry them until a little soft
  4. add into canned tuna
  5. add little amount of water
  6. DONE

oh yea~ you can spread the tuna on the pancake and rolled it~ haha


* i know there are more different kind of pancake recipe~ do you mind to share with me about your own recipe? thanks!


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  1. how come the pancake pattern is so difference?

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