the way to the real adam's recipe

adam’s chicken chop

wow wow~ my blog statistic have increased! “like” ! hahaha`

this motivated me to share with you more on my adam’s recipe!

This time, i’m going to show you how to do chicken chop~ i found that certain group of people don’t eat pork~ so ~ chicken is the great alternative~

the ingredients of making chicken chop is basically same with what we needed in making pork chop~

the only different is that to use chicken instead of pork! well~ you know that~ it is named chicken chop~! okay~~  use a debone chicken drumstick to make chicken chop is quite common~ it suits most ppl taste and adam always choose drumstick as the prior choice!

add a little of dry chilies powder can further increase the fragrance but do not over~ otherwise it turns spicy~~

for a chicken chop~ if you using a drumstick as i did~ debone it well and remember have a several light cut across the chicken muscle that cut through the ligand of the chicken drumstick~ make sure the ligand is broken~ this also prevent the shrinking of the meat~

it is because as heating these ligand and connective tissue contracted and the chops wont looks nice!

well~using only 1 same recipe ~ you can make pork and chicken chop!  just try out and let me know how is it~ make some extra one for your housemates and friends!  haha~ i said this particularly to those study outside and away from home~ learn to cook something and surprise your mom when are home~ sound fun huh? enjoy!


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